Lindisfarne: The story of the legendary Geordie band in words and music


It’s ten years since legendary Tyneside group, LINDISFARNE, closed a remarkable 33 year music career.

Billy Mitchell and Ray LaidlawTheir best-selling album, Fog on the Tyne, took them to the top of the UK charts, and songs like Run For Home and Meet Me On the Corner have helped place them in people’s hearts as one of the region’s best-loved bands.

In this joyful celebration, touring the UK and Ireland through to 2015, ex-members Ray Laidlaw and Billy Mitchell perform many of the band’s classic songs. They tell the inside story of Lindisfarne’s rise to fame, their concert tours, recording sessions, festival, radio & TV appearances and tales from behind the scenes.

Ray Laidlaw:

'I was a member of Lindisfarne from its conception and loved nearly every minute of it.

Billy and I have been bosom buddies since 1966, so he has the inside track on Lindisfarne from the formative days 'till the end of the Mk.3 line-up in 2003.

He & I first made music together in our mid-teens when he was a frequent guest vocalist in Downtown Faction, featuring future Lindisfarne members Simon Cowe, Rod Clements & I. Other commitments meant he had to decline our requests for him to join on a permanent basis. The search for a front-man continued until Ray Jackson joined us, followed shortly afterwards by Alan Hull. The line-up was complete, and Lindisfarne began.

Billy witnessed our successes from the sidelines and in 1972, when Alan Hull considered quitting touring to become Lindisfarne's behind-the-scenes songwriter in 1972, we approached him to join us. It didn't happen - the original band split in two and Lindisfarne Mk.2 and Jack the Lad emerged from the ashes.

Throughout the 1980s, Billy played in Pacamax, a Lindisfarne offshoot with Alan, Rod and I. He frequently toured with us as support artiste, and following Alan's tragic death in 1995, he joined the Mk.3 version of Lindisfarne.

The Lindisfarne Story is the result of fifty years of friendship and musical collaboration. It tells the tale of a bunch of Geordie lads with a dream. There's a lot of laughs, a few tears and a barrowload of fantastic music. Best of all for me, I don't have to carry a great big drumkit.'

From Whitley Bay to San Francisco Bay - The Lindisfarne story.